It’s easy, you know, to write this off as some teenage love story that doesn’t have a happy ending. After all, not many love stories do. But you used to say my name like it was something holy, and I fell for you far too fast and far too hard. You promised me forever, once, and I wish I could have told you then that forever wasn’t yours to give, but I took it anyway because God, I wanted forever. I wanted you and I and that white picket fence, I wanted that small piece of a happily ever after. (via limcarmenxo)
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I know I probably don’t cross your mind much anymore but I hope someday you see something that reminds you of me and the things we use to spend hours talking about at night and then your throat gets tight and your heart skips a beat and you finally miss me back. missingyouiskillingme (via darthcaitlinnnn)
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This is the chemical formula for love:

dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin.

It can be easily manufactured in a lab, but overdosing on any of them can cause schizophrenia, extreme paranoia, and insanity.

Let that sink in.

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Still, I wish I could touch my
own heart instead of writing about
what it must feel like.
I wish I could do anything without
faking it.
What’s left to be honest about,
if not this? What’s left? Caitlyn Siehl, from Drawing the Dragon (via sweetnothingsinlife)

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